API-AGRO Hackathon

48 hours to create innovative agricultural applications

The API-AGRO platform was organized by the ACTA (The Agricultural Technical Institutes) with the aim of improving the interoperability and the exchanges of data which revolve around the agriculture and to facilitate the evaluation of the agricultural systems.

This platform offers an approach based on the API (Application programming Interfaces) allowing the data sharing with clear rules of distribution and use.

API-AGRO facilitates the use of the reference data of which a big part of the Agricultural Technical Institutes and the realization of applications implementing these data and answering real needs and facilitate the creation of new services.

API-AGRO Hackathon gives the opportunity to combine elements allowing to result in uses answering needs emitted by them and the others: groups of farmers, engineers, advisers, technicians, trainers, researchers…

Several teams of coders associated to professionals in connection with the agriculture will have 48 hours to create a convincing prototype. They will be guided by expert mentors in the sectors of the agriculture, the agro-industry, the computing etc.

Final pitch in front of jury in the SIMA, on February 26th, 2017.